Great Deals on Spotting Scopes and Accessories

Spotting Scope is another handy tool to have, especially for beginner astronomers. Spotting scopes gained its popularity by being much more portable and cheaper than telescopes while still providing clear images and great durability.

Top Brands

Whether you are a rookie or an experienced star observer, you cannot go wrong with Nikon Spotting Scope, which Optics Planet is proud to be an authorized distributor of. Swarovski brand is known for their superb optics quality, and high-performance Swarovski Spotting Scopes are no exception. But spotting scopes are not just for stargazers. And for over 50 years a lot of naturalists and hunters have been using Bushnell Spotting Scopes as their optics of choice.

Spotting Scope Accessories

If you already settled on a spotting scope, congratulations! You may want to look into some useful spotting scope accessories now.  For those wishing to capture what they see in the sky, a spotting scope digital camera adapter could be a great addition. Also, due to its high magnification, it is extremely difficult to hold an astronomy spotting scope still for a clear image, so a tripod is a must.

Other Uses of Spotting Scopes

Besides being a great observational tool for astronomy, spotting scopes are very popular among avid bird and whale watchers, nature enthusiasts, long range target shooters and even surveillance specialists.  OpticsPlanet is proud to offer a wide variety of spotting scopes for all needs, ranging in aperture size and magnification.